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We connect IoT with Artificial Intelligence


Kudan has opened up a new world of advanced computer vision technology
where the best machine vision performance is no longer out of reach.

We have what we think is some of the best 3D Recognition technology with Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM) tracking technology available not only for mobile, AR/VR, but also IoT, AI, Robotics applications with low limit of hardware.
And our SDK platform is the only advanced tracking, Markerless AR engine available for iOS and Android.

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Robust SDK

Applauded by developers for its robust operation and light processing overhead,
Kudan AR is the only SDK available with markerless and marker operation and
2D / 3D rendering in a single package.

Highly configurable, it offers best in class image recognition, low memory footprint,
lightning-fast development speed and no limit on number of markers.

  • No dependency on server/cloud - immediate results, AR App can be used without network connection
  • Camera/sensor agnostic - supports mono, stereo camera, depth sensors, etc.
  • Robust operation - Jitter-free images, excellent dark environment performance
  • Available on native iOS and Android and the Unity cross-platform game engine

Powerful SLAM

Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM) is a key computer vision technology
that solves the issue of trying to simultaneously:
localise (i.e. find the position/orientation of) a sensor with respect to its surroundings,
while at the same time mapping the structure of that environment.

The Kudan SLAM engine will be the only a hardware agnostic embedded computer vision technology
flexible enough to work across mobile, HMD and advanced Artificial Intelligence applications.

  • Camera/sensor agnostic - mono, stereo camera, depth sensors, etc., flexible configuration of inputs
  • Works with embedded devices, desktops, mobile devices
  • Ready for HMD, AR Wear, Robotics, IoT, AI

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