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The native iOS, Android SDKs and the Unity cross-platform game engine to build your apps available for any mobile device.

Advanced Tracking

Robust recognition and powerful tracking adapted to diverse AR methods : marker and markerless

Marker based

Robust recognition
Steep detection and tracking angles

Powerful tracking
Track extremely near or far

No dependency on cloud
For a faster use no connectivity is required

Handles occlusion


Low memory footprint
Devices with limited storage space can benefit from the lightweight SDK

Small file sizes for marker and model formats

Efficiently makes use of multiple cores

Powerful Rendering

2D rendering

HD video playback and alpha video

HD camera streams

3D rendering

Ambient lighting simulation
Ambient light analysis lets CG better match the environment and create a more realistic rendering

Advanced rendering techniques
Supports advanced features like bone animations and morphing

Diminished reality
Remove real-world objects from the camera view

Live camera texture mapping
Apply the camera image to computer-generated content

Streamlined Development

Native SDKs and Unity Plugin
Developers have access to native iOS, Android SDKs and the Unity cross-platform game engine.

Objective-C and Java APIs

Efficiently makes use of multiple cores

Intuitive API
No prior AR or graphics knowledge required




Number of target images (markers) There are no limits on markers with Kudan engine. Using our "Mass Marker" mode, Kudan engine can detect from more than 10k local images Most have limitations on numbers. For large numbers of markers, you would have to use server recognition.
Cost per scan Zero. All detection calculations are done locally. Detection calculation is done on cloud, resulting in per scan cost.
Use of cloud services Platform agnostic. Engine can be used with any cloud services provider. Forced to use proprietary cloud services.
Rendering Kudan is a full stack engine. You have a choice to use our rendering engine or a 3rd party such as Unity Many do not have native rendering engines, depending on Unity.
Cross platform development Compatible with any device that has a camera, e.g. mobile, tablet, HMD Most do not allow access and configuration of the camera.
Configuration of performance KudanAR allows developers to configure robustness/sensitivity Most engines use a one-size-fits-all model
Integration with existing app The AR component can be easily integrated with existing apps. Our strength is to make 'Apps with AR', instead of AR Apps AR browsers cannot be integrated with other apps. Integration with eCommerce function can be difficult.
Development languages Multiple bindings including C++, Java and Objective C Often only in C++
Development tools, environment Tools can be run locally, allowing you to batch process your assets Others require using their online services; requires markers to be processed one at a time
AR specific rendering Kudan has many features that are specific to AR such as camera texture morphing and ambient light analysis, for more realistic rendering Others fully depend on external engines and lack AR specific features
Types of tracking Multiple tracking methods such as marker or SLAM, all within one package Often choose to focus on just one type, meaning you will often need to combine different engines for the desired result.

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