The most Robust, Diverse and Intuitive SDK available for professional Augmented Reality developers today



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Since 2011 Kudan have been recognised as pioneers in the development of Augmented Reality. Our recently released Kudan AR Engine allows advanced AR to be added to your iOS or Android app.

Our engine allows developers to easily integrate this capability into their own apps in order to position digital content within the real world.

Developers using our SDK require no knowledge of complex computer vision algorithms or augmented reality. Development can be carried out in the native iOS and Android IDEs using Objective-C and Java.

No other AR software available today has:
- Robust markerless tracking
- The capability to store hundreds of markers locally on device
- Data connection-less AR
- Such high quality rendering.

Advanced Tracking

Robust tracking

  • Steeper viewing angles
  • Faster target movements
  • Greater tracking distances
  • Tougher lighting conditions
  • Fewer feature points

Diverse AR methods


  • Robust tracking
  • Simultaneous marker tracking
  • Local mass-markers for thousands of markers
  • Extended tracking
  • User-generated markers


  • Markerless tracking
  • SLAM
  • Gyro


augmented reality software

Powerful Rendering

High-quality rendering

  • HD all around – camera, videos and alpha videos
  • Multi-million polygon 3D models
  • Full FBX, OBJ and COLLADA support
  • Advanced rendering techniques – including normal maps, bone animations and blend shapes

Advanced features

  • Live camera texture mapping – apply the camera image to computer-generated content
  • Diminished reality – remove real-world objects from the camera view
  • Ambient lighting analysis – create a more realistic rendering
  • Video capture – record the entire AR experience

Streamlined Development

Technical highlights

  • Fastest loading and smallest footprint with background content loading
  • Easy integration with existing apps
  • Compatible with third party CMSs for both content and markers
  • Fine-grained control of tracking to optimise robustness and sensitivity

Easy-to-use environment

  • Objective-C and Java APIs
  • Uses standard patterns from the host platforms
  • Unity Support
  • Intuitive API – no prior AR or graphics knowledge required
  • Runs in simulators
  • Local, scriptable tools for marker generation and model conversion


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