Kudan is a UK-Japanese developer of Computer Vision Technology – the link between Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of things.

Computer Vision is the ability for computers to visually map and interpret the world around them; the final piece of the puzzle needed for true artificial intelligence.

Kudan develops its Computer Vision and ARVR technology in-house is available for brands, agencies and developers to achieve their product development goals like Ford, Diageo and Pepsi. With nearly 10,000 registered developer accounts, Kudan is one of the leading independent ARVR platforms for professional developers.

Kudan products are hardware agnostic and support most platforms from low-end through to the most advanced embedded applications, robotics and mobile devices. We have Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM) tracking technology for ARVR, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence applications. Our AR SDK features both marker and marker-less operation as well as 2D / 3D rendering in a single package; it’s free to download here.

Kudan is creating a world where advanced computer vision technology is no longer a dream but a reality.

Kudan briefing deck

SLAM algorithms for all the future devices

Technical teaser

Leadership Team

Tomo Ohno – Managing Director

A cross-border business developer, Tomo spent nearly a decade as a management consultant at Accenture Tokyo, Bangkok, Amsterdam, and London consulting to various global companies. He led the turnaround of a small UK based software company into a global player, growing its presence in the Japanese market from zero to become a main player with a majority share within the industry. The company was successfully sold to a Japanese game console manufacturer. He also successfully set up computer game publisher Zen United.

Zen United created a new industry finding game content abroad and localising and deploying into local markets. Tomo’s passion is to create business value across boundaries, adapting organisations and their business models to sell across multiple countries and deliver technical value across markets.