1- Our AR SDK & Unity Plugin are Free.

Get everything you need to build and test your app.

2- Pick your License

Once you are ready to release your app,
get a license key to upload it to the Google Play or App Store.

License FAQ

Do I have to pay to build my own app?
Kudan AR SDK will always be free to download.

Why do I need a License?
Once your app is ready for Google Play or App Store, before submitting you will need to buy a license key. A license key is required when you need to use your own bundle ID.

Can I use the licence for several apps?
The Production License is only for 1 application ID.
You can share the license between iOS and Android if the application has the same Application / Bundle ID
However, if you want multiple apps you can choose the Volume License.

Is GBP the only currency available?
Yes, at the moment.

What will happen in a year's time when my License has expired? Will the apps still work after that?
The app in general will continue to function, the AR module however will no longer work.

Is VAT included ?
The VAT is on top of the flat fee.

Will I have to re-upload my app in order to update my license?
You could engineer your app to download your updated API key from your own servers, however for most use cases it will be simpler to upload a new build to the appropriate App Store.