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June 20, 2017
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KudanSLAM: 3D Recognition and Position Tracking Software is ready for the market

We are very proud to announce that KudanSLAM is now ready for the market and has begun providing it to a number of industries, including Self-Driving Cars, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Drones, Robotics, and of course AR. With its precision tracking, high speed, low CPU usage and overall robustness, it can be a powerful tool in these particular industries.

Kudan Inc. has worked hard to develop a real-time 3D tracking and mapping solution, which we call KudanSLAM. If you do not know what SLAM is, it stands for Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping, which provides computers a form of vision, allowing them to acquire, process, analyse and understand their environment and the objects within it, as well as their 3D position within that environment. We achieved this by developing a practical, next-generation algorithm, replacing current SLAM algorithms such as ORB and PTAM. This has allowed us to take these algorithms a step further and make something ready for market consumption. As a leading company in SLAM technology, Kudan aims to be a staple in any developer's toolset, the technology used by many industries, and the go-to AR solution.

Key Features of KudanSLAM:

  • Hardware Friendly: A flexible solution that can be used with any camera or sensor, including monocular camera setups and rolling shutter cameras. It can also be embedded on processor architecture.
  • High Speed / Low Consumption: Uses less than 5% of a mobile CPU, providing fast tracking whilst maintaining good battery life.
  • High Tracking Accuracy: Millimetre accuracy 1 metre away from the target.
  • Robustness: Capable of operating even in extreme lighting conditions and can recover from sudden, jerky movements.

Self-Driving Cars and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

KudanSLAM can be combined with internal sensors and LiDAR to provide even more precise positional tracking at greater distances. It is also good for monitoring both the front and back of a vehicle accurately within a few centimetres, making it useful as a parking assistant.


While drones usually come with fairly low-end cameras, KudanSLAM enables them to recognise objects and track its position in an environment with high degrees of accuracy.


KudanSLAM enables robots to work autonomously by recognising their environment and the objects within it, without any specialist equipment required.

Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality

KudanSLAM enables advanced AR, allowing a device to track its position in an environment. This opens the door for many new uses that were not previously possible, including allowing multiple users to share an experience from different perspectives. Navigation where GPS cannot reach, such as in indoor spaces, is also possible. Additionally, it can track head and eye movement, enabling more freedom and more options for Virtual Reality headsets.

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