About us - Experts in Computer Vision

Kudan is a professional technology lab researching / engineering Computer Vision algorithms, established by a serial entrepreneur Tomo Ohno in 2011. The team has been hand-picked due to their specific capabilities within the Computer Vision arena. Headquartered in Tokyo, Kudan has technology centre in Bristol, UK, with sales and support covering the global market.

Kudan partners with semiconductor companies and OEMs worldwide to create next generation embedded vision for all the autonomous and interactive IT solutions, such as AR/VR, autonomous car, robotics, and drone. To date, Kudan’s Computer Vision technologies has been delivered to 20k+ licensees for wide rage of diverse and markets.

Vision - Realise True “Vision” for Computer

Computer’s “eye”, camera, has been way better than human’s eye for so many years. However, computer’s “vision”, computer vision algorithms, is still primitive and far from the level of human’s, due to the fundamental of the algorithms.

In order to accelerate the evolution of applied technologies of Computer Vision, Kudan focuses on developing fundamental modular algorithms, and designing versatile architecture enabling optimisation and acceleration on processing architectures, to be the fundamental IP in the industry. Through all camera equipped devices, Kudan’s technology will realise true “vision” for computer, to support all the autonomous and interactive IT solutions.

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SLAM algorithms for all the future devices