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We encourage you to post your questions to the Forum and Wiki as well as read our API Documentation to see if you can find your answers there.
If you are still having technical problems, we offer paid support to all our customers.

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Paid support

Get in touch with our developer team by raising a ticket.

A ticket will allow you to raise a support request. You will be able to ask one issue concerning installation, activation, license migration, configuration, troubleshooting.

Kudan's Technical Support teams help you with :

  • Build issues that are related to AR SDK or CV SDK,
  • Tracking down logic bugs that are related to how AR SDK or CV SDK is used
  • Platform (Android / iOS) issues that are related toAR SDK or CV SDK.
  • Advice on the best approach in terms of speed and design of a solution that uses our SDK.

However, we do not support :

  • Rendering issues when using Unity plugin - only tracking / recognition issues are supported.
  • Platform (Android / iOS) issues that are not related to AR SDK or CV SDK.
  • Editing a 3D model so that it is optimised for mobile use.

From more details have a look at the Kudan Software Support Agreement PDF.

Business hours are 10:00 GMT through to 17:00 GMT. Issues submitted outside of these hours will be treated as submitted at 10:00 GMT.

Support is provided in English only.

How to buy a ticket?

If you are interested in contacting our team :
- Buy a ticket.
- Log into our support portal.